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From Start-Up to SUCCESS!

Who We Are. The People We Help.

Cassius Blue Consulting helps passion-driven entrepreneurs to see their business (and it's potential) in new ways allowing them to generate more revenue, market more effectively, expand their offering, and operate more efficiently.

Most Cassius Blue Clients are micro-businesses (less than $50k start-up cost and fewer than 5 employees) who aim to be the best at what they do, have a spiritual foundation, and are ready and willing to invest in themselves and their business in order to grow and achieve the next level of success. Our clients span a variety of industries and locations but all have one thing in common… they pursue their passion and purpose with drive and persistence.

We recognize that every business (and their challenges) are unique, we don’t sell magic pills, or cookie-cutter 12-step programs. Our programs uses a blended approach of consulting (ideas/answers) and coaching (education/resources) we help clients transform their business.

Together we take the small steps to allow your business to grow greatly. Schedule a complimentary initial discovery call today.

What we do REALLY Well.

Developing a Profitable Business Strategy
Every business needs a well thought through strategy, a builder doesn't just show up at a construction site with materials, start building, and hope the structure turns out the way they expected. They develop a plan for what’s needed, who is going to do what, and when. In order to grow and be successful your small business needs a strategic plan. Cassius Blue Consulting can guide you through the steps to developing your winning strategy.
Defining Marketing Strategy & Tactics
Too many small business owners use the ‘throw it up and see what sticks’ approach to marketing and quickly become frustrated when their efforts don’t produce results. Effectively marketing your small business is achieved by executing a series of purposeful tactic, and not everything is right for every business. Let us help you to cut through the clutter and determine what marketing approach is right for you.
Pitching & Selling Without Being Salesy
Sales is quite often the part of business many business owners hate, no one wants to be that sleazy used car salesman, and our natural aversion to rejection often leaves us hesitant to ask for the sale. But selling doesn't have to be salesy. We can help you develop your pitch, define your sales process, and teach you how to have prospective customers asking to purchase from you.
Finding Your Remarkable Difference (USP)
What makes customer buy from you, and only you, regardless of price? Your remarkable difference describes your uniqueness. By identifying (or developing) your unique selling proposition you are able to capture and retain loyal customers. We can help you to define and capitalize on your USP.

What Our Clients Say!

  • After I finalized my idea and how I wanted to do it I planned to create the logo and build my site. I had NO IDEA that this level of thinking went into getting started. I feel so great about this, I'm much more confident now. If I didn't do this I would just be out there selling tea and no one would be interested. With this I know what to say and who to say it to in order to make sales. Thank You!

    Felicia Walker, Owner, Sip Teaz
  • I want to take this opportunity to thank Brandi Starr and the Cassius Blue team for assisting Antibody Inc. with marketing support. Cassius Blue has instituted a process of communicating the value of our products to our customers. Their efforts are an essential and critical business function for attracting and converting new and existing customers for the Antibody label. Cassius Blue marketing is that link between our customer requirements and their patterns of response. We look at Cassius Blue marketing as the essential organizational function and a set of processes for creating, delivering and communicating Antibody’s value to our customers, and managing customer relationships in ways that also benefit our organization. Thank you Cassius Blue!

    Phillip Gilliam, Antibody, Inc.
  • Working with Brandi is a unique opportunity that every new business owner should have. I've worked with Brandi on my full brand redesign, as well as ongoing smaller projects to continue to strengthen my brand. She has an innate ability to take marketing concepts and dissect them, then present them to her clients in a way they can understand, process, and use in their everyday business dealings. Brandi’s program is comparable to bootcamp: the mental work is challenging; it stretches your thoughts beyond what you think it is capable of. But the outcome is rewarding and is more than you expect to get out of it. After working with her, not only did I feel as if I know exactly what my brand is and what my plan is to carry out my company’s vision, but have had other sales, marketing and public relations professionals tell me that they are surprised and impressed with how well I know and articulate my company’s vision and goals. I have and continue to recommend Brandi to business owners that are looking to define themselves and solidly establish themselves in their industry.

    Tyrika Williams, mainelement: love
  • I just completed the website assessment with Brandi and I am thoroughly satisfied with the results. The service was affordable, timely, and well organized. Her recommendations were on point. As a marketing novice, I appreciated her coaching style. She made the concepts easy to understand. I am excited to see the results and to move forward with the next steps.

    Chataun Denis, Grant Source
  • When I first started working with Brandi I found myself searching for a new target market. Brandi helped me dig deep to find who I wanted to serve. Brandi is organized and efficient. The most invaluable tool for me is the Revenue Calculator; I am ever changing it but it helps me project how much I need to make in my business and helps me formulate exactly where my money needs to comes from. Brandi listened to my need for a new website and within 48 hours she had one up and running for me. I love it and so do my clients.

    Ursula Harrington, The Recovery Room Massage

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