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Interview with Mompreneur Joyce Brewer of The Mommy Talk Show

In honor of mother’s day I had the opportunity to interview Emmy Award winning Joyce Brewer. Joyce is a mom blogger, video expert, vlogger, brand ambassador, social media consultant, author, speaker and mom to the cutest little 3-year old.


Some of the highlights from the video:

Overcoming Mommy Guilt: Talk about it with other moms. Children just want our attention, not for us to feel guilty. When they need time, pause; give them time and the resume your work.

Choosing Where to Spend Your Money for Professional Development: Look at what organizations will allow you to make the connections that you need. Compare the value of being a member to participating without.

Advice to Business Owners who Still Have a Fulltime Job: Hold on to the day job as long as you can, take advantage of benefits, 401k, etc.  Wait until your business is booming enough to supplement your income.

And don’t forget to check out Joyces eBook: Use What You Know: A Business Idea Guide for Moms. And connect with her via her blog www.TheMommyTalkShow.com.

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Brandi Starr

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Speaker and Brand Strategist Brandi Starr helps women business owners to attract their ideal client and confidently sell with integrity so that they can experience peace of mind and freedom from overwhelm. With almost 14 years marketing experience Brandi energizes business owners small businesses who are in the early years of their business to increase their revenue, create more time in their day for the things they love, and to have a greater impact on the audience they serve. Brandi is a bubbly, forthright, positive, woman of many dimensions who has a passion for helping small businesses to succeed.

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