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From Start-Up to SUCCESS!

About the Business & Brand

Brandi Starr, Speaker & Brand Strategist
From Start-Up to Success: Marketing Sales & Business Strategy to Transform Your Small Business.

Cassius Blue Consulting helps passion-driven entrepreneurs to see their business (and it's potential) in new ways allowing them to generate more revenue, market more effectively, expand their offering, and operate more efficiently.

Hey there! I’m Brandi Starr – President, Brandi Strategist and Speaker of Cassius Blue consulting and I help entrepreneurs just like you to grow their passion into a profitable business and have fun doing it.

Through Cassius Blue Consulting, I energize small business owners, helping them reach a higher level through transformational sales, marketing, and business strategy. During this transformative process I will inspire you to act and equip you to succeed for immediate improvement and long-term change.

I use my experience and knowledge to draw out the very best from you, so you get the most from what you have. Creating business excellence by sharing wisdom is what I do. With my wide-ranging experience, I am able to deliver effective support across to the widest range of companies who are in their crucial early years of development.

By developing a winning, actionable strategy for my clients and teaching them how to execute it I help them to make a difference on a greater scale, make more money, and have more time to spend with their families and friends.

And whether you’re a first-year start-up, a more established solopreneur or a microbusiness that’s already put down a few roots, Cassius Blue can take you to the next level. Visit our small business services page to find out more about what we can do for your business.

Brandi Starr

Brandi Starr | President | Brand Strategist | Speaker

Next Steps to Get Started.

Program format can vary from one client to another depending on the length of the engagement. All of our contracts are based on a specific number of sessions so that you never have to worry about unexpected fees. The diagram below outlines the process for getting started.

Your sessions will (in most cases) take place over the phone at a time that works for your schedule. During your session we spend time tackling the challenges and knowledge gaps that exist in your business. Templates and tools are provided where appropriate for you to complete as a part of your action plan. The lessons learned from each session can be implemented immediately moving your business one step closer to profitable success. Each phone session is recorded allowing you to replay the information and you have continuous email support.

Why Choose Cassius Blue?


We recognize that every business (and their challenges) is unique, we don't sell magic pills, or cookie-cutter 12-step programs; our program is tailored to each client's needs. We offer creativity mixed with logical analysis to produce ideas for immediate improvement and long-term change. We use a blended approach of consulting (ideas/answers) and coaching (education/resources) we help clients transform their business.


We genuinely care about the success of our clients. When you succeed, we celebrate with you. When you face challenges we serve as your confidence until you regain it for yourself.


Information is easy to find, a simple search yield 'how-to's' on everything from car repairs to meal preparation. But information is useless if you don't know what to do with it. With over 13-years of experience we distill information into wisdom in order to get results for our clients. We look at your business holistically focusing on developing an actionable strategy to get you to the next level. Our depth and range of knowledge ensures we make a difference fast.

The Cassius Blue Story.

Wonder what’s behind the name Cassius Blue Consulting? Or why Brandi Starr launched the company? Watch to hear the story, an inspirational tale of divine purpose and a stellar example of building a strong brand.

Are you a solopreneurs or micro-business who aims to be the best at what you do, has a spiritual foundation, and is ready and willing to invest in yourself and your business in order to grow and achieve the next level of success? If so what are you waiting for? Don’t let your business remain stagnant another day. Let’s talk!

See What Our Customers are Saying

  • After I finalized my idea and how I wanted to do it I planned to create the logo and build my site. I had NO IDEA that this level of thinking went into getting started. I feel so great about this, I'm much more confident now. If I didn't do this I would just be out there selling tea and no one would be interested. With this I know what to say and who to say it to in order to make sales. Thank You!

    Felicia Walker, Owner, Sip Teaz
  • I want to take this opportunity to thank Brandi Starr and the Cassius Blue team for assisting Antibody Inc. with marketing support. Cassius Blue has instituted a process of communicating the value of our products to our customers. Their efforts are an essential and critical business function for attracting and converting new and existing customers for the Antibody label. Cassius Blue marketing is that link between our customer requirements and their patterns of response. We look at Cassius Blue marketing as the essential organizational function and a set of processes for creating, delivering and communicating Antibody’s value to our customers, and managing customer relationships in ways that also benefit our organization. Thank you Cassius Blue!

    Phillip Gilliam, Antibody, Inc.
  • Working with Brandi is a unique opportunity that every new business owner should have. I've worked with Brandi on my full brand redesign, as well as ongoing smaller projects to continue to strengthen my brand. She has an innate ability to take marketing concepts and dissect them, then present them to her clients in a way they can understand, process, and use in their everyday business dealings. Brandi’s program is comparable to bootcamp: the mental work is challenging; it stretches your thoughts beyond what you think it is capable of. But the outcome is rewarding and is more than you expect to get out of it. After working with her, not only did I feel as if I know exactly what my brand is and what my plan is to carry out my company’s vision, but have had other sales, marketing and public relations professionals tell me that they are surprised and impressed with how well I know and articulate my company’s vision and goals. I have and continue to recommend Brandi to business owners that are looking to define themselves and solidly establish themselves in their industry.

    Tyrika Williams, mainelement: love
  • I just completed the website assessment with Brandi and I am thoroughly satisfied with the results. The service was affordable, timely, and well organized. Her recommendations were on point. As a marketing novice, I appreciated her coaching style. She made the concepts easy to understand. I am excited to see the results and to move forward with the next steps.

    Chataun Denis, Grant Source
  • When I first started working with Brandi I found myself searching for a new target market. Brandi helped me dig deep to find who I wanted to serve. Brandi is organized and efficient. The most invaluable tool for me is the Revenue Calculator; I am ever changing it but it helps me project how much I need to make in my business and helps me formulate exactly where my money needs to comes from. Brandi listened to my need for a new website and within 48 hours she had one up and running for me. I love it and so do my clients.

    Ursula Harrington, The Recovery Room Massage
  • Working with Brandi has helped me understand marketing my business and ideas far more than I could have imagined. I enjoyed that Brandi was thorough in her assessment and voiced her concerns about things she believed I should change and she made everything understandable. Working with Brandi allowed me to see that I could get my ideas out of my head to make them work for my business.

    Tina Willis, Willis Inc. Travel
  • When setting up my initial consultation, I never imagined the volume of positive feedback and encouragement that I would receive. Brandi not only helped my vision become more clearer, she pointed me in the direction to make it happen! As a small business owner we all need to make investments in our business and this is a MUST. Lux-Shoe-Ry Boutique will never be the same and we are headed to great places with clear direction thanks to Brandi!

    Shauntee Billups, Lux-Shoe-Ry Boutique
  • This was such an awesome experience! Brandi gave me some wonderful tips and much needed constructive criticism. As a result of working with Brandi, I have a clearer idea of what I need to do with my website to help make it easier for my prospective client to say yes. The Aha moment came when she said she was confused herself by my navigation menu. Brandi pointed out the flaws in my site without making me feel dumb. I will definitely be working with Brandi more closely in the future.

    DeAnna Troupe, Learn Small Business
  • It was such a pleasure working with Brandi Starr. Brandi provided exceptional five star service I have been searching for. This was the best 10 minutes spent. I walked away with direction, focus and a goal. I have to say my 'ah ha' moment was thinking I NEED to do it all so fast without a goal in mind. Brandi helped me pull my plan together. Brandi I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH because you took the time to listen and provide information that I will take with me to market Brown Suga Chic. I am looking forward to working with you in the near future.

    Lisa Collins, Brown Suga Chic
  • Brandi, Thank you so much for working with The Special Occasion on our marketing plan for 2012. It felt great having a representative that knows so much about marketing yet can still explain it on a level that makes sense to those with less knowledge of today’s marketing techniques. I spent so much time collaborating successful events until I let my marketing plan get put on the back burner. Brandi took the time to meet with me and listen to my needs and concerns to develop a plan of action that would work best for my company. Most importantly she listened to my budget and was able to recommend services that would put us in a great position without breaking the bank. Brandi was also considerate of my time or lack thereof. She was able to work around my busy schedule, constant rescheduling, and an inquisitive 3 year old assisting us with our consultation :-) I appreciate all the hard work and training that you have provided for The Special Occasion and I look forward to a continuous relationship.

    Jade Ladson, The Special Occasion

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our work is guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of the Client based on the goals outlined in the consulting proposal. Cassius Blue Consulting will refund up to 15% of paid invoices if we fail to meet the client’s reasonable expectations based upon the agreed upon objectives. We cannot guarantee business outcomes, but we do guarantee your satisfaction with our service. If at any time we do not perform to your satisfaction, we ask that you inform us promptly. Upon payment of your final invoice, we will assume you have been satisfied.

Cassius Blue News

Many entrepreneurs (myself included) struggle to maintain consistency on their blog. For some the challenge is finding enough time, for others it’s feeling unsure of what to write and the list of excuses we make for not blogging goes on and on. As a marketing professional I fully understand the importance of blogging for your business, I know that when I share content on a consistent bases my website traffic goes up and my phone rings more frequently. And, because people who follow my blog already see value in what I offer and recognize me as an expert in my field the sales process is more of a “when and how” conversation than an “if” conversation. So rather than allowing myself (my clients, and my followers) to continue to use “lack of time” or other excuses for not blogging Miss Kemya and I decided to put our keyboard where our mouth is {I’m not quite sure the wordplay in that cliche works…but you get the point LOL} and not only challenge ourselves but all of you as well. This is the NO EXCUSES, NO LIMITS challenge and it’s free, fun, and very rewarding. So what are you waiting for? Here are all of the details: Read more!