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Want to get your message out? Write for the Cassius #BlueBlog. Our audience is small business owners who are looking to launch and grow their small business. And guest posting is a great way to gain exposure to your target audience so it’s a win-win for everyone. But before you submit, keep reading.

  • Submission of your guest post does not guarantee publication. Your submission will be reviewed by Cassius Blue Consulting and if found beneficial to our audience, it is likely to be published.

  • Links back to your blog or website should be used where appropriate. Using too many links to external sources decreases the likelihood of your entry being published. Links deemed irrelevant will be removed without notice.

  • Word count should be between 250-500 words, with 900 being the maximum. If longer submissions are needed, a series post may be an option.

  • Posts must be high-quality; original content (i.e. not published anywhere else online). We reserve the right to edit your submission for brevity, grammar, and readability. If too much editing is required to make the post useful, article will not be published.

  • You retain the copyright to your writing, but once it’s submitted to Cassius Blue Consulting, we reserve the right to use, distribute and refer to it.

  • Each article ends with a brief bio that links to the site (or sites) of your choice. Please include a brief bio 100 words or less and a photo. Bio and headshot (not logo) are required.

Recent Posts

“You can do it all, and do it all well, but you can’t do it all on the same day…focus on prioritizing and not balance.” Read more!

If you want to be a successful and thriving business it is imperative that you create systems for managing key processes in your business. Having systems in places allows you as the owner to delegate work as needed and ensures consistency, not to mention your clients appreciate the professionalism.

There are an abundance of web applications available to small business owners, most priced very affordably, but with so many choices it can be hard to determine which you actually need.

This list includes the top five applications that you must have in order to effectively run your service business along with some of the options that I have used and loved. Read more!