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YES! I AM AVAILABLE to speak at conferences, seminars, to organizations or clubs. I speak to small business owners on the topics of marketing, sales, and business strategy. Your attendees will walk away with actionable information that will have a positive impact on their business. Presentations are adjustable to 30, 45, 60 minute formats. Some topics are also offered as hand-on 2 or 3 hour workshops.

Topic Ideas.

Pursue Your Passion, Fulfill Your Purpose, Leverage Your Persistence to Make a Profit
Are you living your life, and running your business ON PURPOSE? In this keynote address you will be inspired to find your purpose, leverage your passion, and remain persistent to yield the greatest profit (emotional & financial) in your life and your business. Learn the importance of understanding not only your divine purpose in life, but also how to live each day ON purpose.
{Format: Keynote}
NextLevel(TM) Success
You don't stand at the bottom of a staircase, lift your leg, and leap to the top. Instead you ascend one stair (sometimes two) at a time. The same approach can be applied to reaching your professional and personal goals. Learn how to achieve your Next Level Success in three easy steps: 1) Begin with the end in mind: Learn to set S.M.A.R.T and B.H.A.G goals. 2) "X" marks the spot: Understand where you are today and identify the gaps and roadblocks to achieving your goals. 3)Set your GPS for success: Build an actionable success plan to help you achieve your next level success in 2014.
{Format: Seminar, or Workshop}
From Chit Chat to Cha Ching: Turning Casual Conversations into Profit
You meet potential customers or sources of referrals every day, whether at a networking event or the local grocery story you are engaging in conversations with people that are potential customers or sources of referrals. In walks the problem, you are uncomfortable “selling” or are not confident in your ability to sell. Because of this you either miss opportunities or get stuck in the “let’s have coffee” follow up. During this session you will learn how to turn those everyday conversations into profit.
{Format: Seminar, or Workshop}
Rock Your Sales Goals: How to Sell without Being Salesy
Have you ever truly watched a master salesperson at work? Through simple conversations they are able to explain key parts of their business and relate it to the needs of the person they are talking to. Often times, depending on the nature of their business, they are able to make a sale on the spot. It’s like watching an entertainer perform. It all seems so effortlessly. But just like most entertainers who spend years perfecting their craft, master salespersons spend time perfecting their message and delivery. Gain the tools to help you become a master salesperson by learning how to: 1) Define Your Unique Selling Proposition. 2) Identify the Stages of Your Sales Cycle. 3) Learn how to ask the right questions to gain your prospects interest. 4) Create or identify opportunities for repeat or add-on sales. 5) Understand how to effectively close the sale.
{Format: Seminar, or Workshop}
Be You, Be Amazing: Connect With Your Customers Through Your Story
What truly makes your business different? YOU! By building your business and your brand around who you are, your story, and your strengths you immediately set yourself a part from the competition. My motto is “Simply Be Amazing” during this month’s business breakfast you will learn how to use the one thing that you have that the competition doesn't, you, to attract loyal customers and increase the profitability of your business. You will gain understanding of the customer buying cycle allowing you to sell to your customers the way they wish to buy, be able to connect with your customers through your story in order to attract your ideal target audience, and Learn how to leverage your existing and new customers to build a more profitable business.
{Format: Seminar, or Workshop}

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