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Client Access: The Kaleidoscope Corner

Welcome to The Kaleidoscope Corner

The Kaleidoscope Corner is the online system we will be using to support our coaching/consulting relationship. The Kaleidoscope Corner is going to serve our coaching relationship as the way to capture
the insights, record the action plans, assist you in the follow through, and let us see how things are going.

Why The Kaleidoscope Corner?

Let's start with the company name. If you didn't already know, the "Cassius Blue" in Cassius Blue Consulting is a butterfly that when fully grown is smaller than the size of a penny. This butterfly is considered a natural wonder because although it is significantly smaller than other butterflies it can fly just as far and just as fast as other larger butterflies. We equate this to the micro-businesses that we work with, although you have far fewer employees, resources, and start-up capital you can do AMAZING things. Each of you are Cassius Blue butterflies.

A group of butterflies is known as a flight, a kaleidoscope, a rabble or a swarm. So the gathering of all of our Cassius Blue butterflies is known as The Kaleidoscope Corner. Welcome to the swarm!

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